Vanishing Texas River Cruise

Vanishing Texas River CruiseVanishing Texas River Cruise by Canyon of the Eagles is the premier ecological cruise of Texas. Departing from Lake Buchanan in the Central Texas Hill Country, their cruises provide you spectacular views of Lake Buchanan, the Colorado River, native Texas wildlife, waterfalls, world-class bird watching and wintering Bald Eagles.

There are a variety of cruises for many occasions: weddings, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events and more. These cruises are simply incredible, educational, unique and must be experienced!

November – March: American Bald Eagle Cruise

If you love bird watching, you will love Lake Buchanan in the Texas Hill Country. Out of 900 bird species found in the United States, 600 can be found in the state of Texas. Many interesting birds migrate through the Highland Lakes Area and others spend the winter here. One visiting couple spotted 27 species of birds in an outing one morning and spotted over 40 species during their weekend stay.

Winters main attraction is dominated by a colony of American Bald Eagles that migrate to the Texas Colorado River Canyon and Lake Buchanan. Along with the awesome scenery on our Scenic Cruises, guests are granted the opportunity of possible sightings of these majestic birds, the symbol of our country, soar through a crisp cloudless blue sky and witness sights not soon forgotten.

Vanishing Texas River CruiseGuests may also catch a glimpse of any of the following birds types: Scissor-tailed Flychatcher, Owls, Crows, Hawks, Great Blue Herons, Mallards and other ducks, gulls, roadrunners, painted Buntings, Robins, and wild Turkeys, just to name a few.

Even rainy days can offer spectacular views of this beautiful bird sitting majestically on their treetop perches. Winter weather is no burden as the fully enclosed heated cabin provides plenty of warmth with steaming refreshments available.

September – November: Fall Foliage Cruise

Gradually, each leafy tree and plant surrenders its green mantle to the bright yellows and crimsons that signal the end of the summer and the start of fall. Add to that the cooler temperatures and the splendid colors of a new season and you have an especially ideal time of year to travel.

In general fall conditions there are so many photo ops that your challenge will simply be deciding what to shoot. In addition to the foliage this is the time of year when the wildlife goes into feeding frenzy to fatten up for winter. Migrating birds are attracted to the area as the food up North is mostly gone, but down here birds can fill up one more time for the rest of their southward journey. Both song birds and raptors migrate through this area to the lakes and rivers to feed on fish.

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